If you’re dreaming of living the life of luxury, we’re here to let you know your dreams can come true! With some thoughtful planning and budgeting, you can build a luxe home where you will love to live. Read on to find out how!

Architectural Plans

It’s well known that plans make extraordinary things happen. And it’s the same when it comes to bringing your luxury home to life – from permits to plans to project kick-offs, there are several must-haves.

To begin with, you’ll need to set your budget. This will give you the parameters to work within when it comes to bringing your project to life, particularly how your home looks.

The Facade

The façade is perhaps the most important feature of a luxury home because it makes the first impression on your friends and family and welcomes you every time you come home. Consider how you want to reflect your personal lifestyle because this helps set the tone and feel for your home. Classic. Contemporary. Sophisticated. Minimalist. These elements assist you to choose the face of your home and make a big contribution to setting the budget.

The materials you choose for your façade will need to be considered in line with your budget, as well as your planning requirements. Different council areas have various permit and planning requirements – from external finishes to colours and designs. Planning requirements also affect how close you can build to the perimeter of your property and the height you can build to. You’ll need to ensure all council requirements during the external design phase.

Home Interiors

If you’re into entertaining, the kitchen will be the jewel in your home. A luxe island bench, a beautiful butler’s pantry and a wine fridge may be top of your list in your luxury home. Stone benchtops are stunning, and sumptuous lighting can take your kitchen to the next level. Full-length doors opening onto an alfresco entertaining area will make your kitchen a standout too. By choosing the elements of your dream kitchen, you’ll know what budget you have left over for other parts of your build.

A dream bathroom is another area for luxury finishes. Tapware, baths, showers, and basins can be a significant investment. Depending on the size of your bathroom, tiling will be an element to consider too. Heated towel rails and underfloor heating make for a luxury experience, as can a freestanding bath or outdoor shower.  Ventilation will contribute to planning, so make sure all requirements are met.

Other finishes that extend through your home will also affect your planning and budgeting. Flooring choices, such as concrete or timber, set the look and feel, and can combine underfloor heating. Hydronic heating is a great choice for luxury homes, and when combined with solar panels, helps to make your home more sustainable.

Planning and budgeting for your luxury home will make the entire experience more enjoyable because you’ll understand the requirements from the outset. If you’re looking to build your dream home, we’d love to talk with you. Contact us today to get started.

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