At SLD Projects, we love discovering new things, especially at the start of a new year. It’s a great chance to reconsider what we need and want in our homes.

While the past couple of years focused on functionality, with the home offering a refuge, last year we began to widen our boundaries again and experiment with a range of contrasting trends, and turning to our social media feeds for guidance.

This year we’re more confident in our personal style and creating an aesthetic that will stand the test of time and we’re proud to keep the things we love in an effort to be sustainable. We’re connecting with our true selves again, as well as nature; with mental and spiritual wellbeing being one of the highest priorities when designing our homes. Wanting to create a space that is calming, we’re reaching for softer, soothing tones, and adding a touch of luxury to our interior and exteriors.

 And now that we’re out and about again, a home offers a sense of wellness and renewal upon our return. Reinvigorated and ready to create a better world, we’re making small changes to the way we source and manufacture these materials.

Whatever reason you have for updating your home for the new year, SLD Projects has some ideas to get the ball rolling, with unique home design trends and details that are inspiring us – Sydney’s luxury home building specialists

Earthy Tones

Just as nature impacts our minds, so too do the colours we choose to for our walls and surfaces. We saw this trend take shape in the world of bedding, when soft linen sheets featuring colours such as rust and terracotta took over our bedrooms. But in 2023, we’re taking it a step further by incorporating healing tones into other parts of the home, and restoring a sense of harmony to our daily lives. Materials such as natural timber and stone are featuring prominently, reminding us every day of our connection with nature.

Vintage Twist

Repurposing building materials, such as antique fire places and doors are, ironically, the latest trend to capture the hearts of interior decorators. With our fast paced lives, this perhaps speaks to the comfort that comes with nostalgia and turning back to our heritage.

And while homes are becoming smarter and more technologically savvy, it makes sense we want to balance it out with a nod to the past. Turning inward, home designers are wanting their space to have personal significance to them rather than appealing to the mass market and bespoke fixtures and finishes allow us to do just that.

Marble Kitchens

With a renewed interest in organic and raw materials, marble has been bringing benchtops down to earth this year. Authenticity is a main concern in 2023, and stripping these fixtures down to their most essential elements is a must.

 Marble also creates a dramatic ripple effect, with a monochrome swirl of colours that liven up even the most minimal kitchen. Exaggerated texture, veins and imperfections in marble and stone all lend to this natural vibe.

Sustainable Gardens

This year, our appreciation for the natural world extends beyond putting a couple of Monstera plants in our living room. Many interior designers are aiming higher, with eco-conscious innovations being implemented into our outdoor living practices. Rainwater tanks and drought-tolerant landscapes are going to become a prerequisite for any luxury home in 2023.

Whether you’re knocking down and rebuilding, extending, or building a new boutique home this year, SLD Projects will get the job done to the highest possible standard.

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